Monday, March 14, 2011

If the yoga pants fit …

Overall overload.
I’m a chronic re-wearer. Once I find something that I feel good in, I wear it until it has holes in it and almost all of its original dye color is washed away. My whole family knows it. My siblings still tease me about my collegiate addiction to overalls. Those bibbed pants did serious yeoman’s work, over tee shirts, button-downs, sweaters; to class, parties, movies, dates. I honestly believed that you could dress them up, if you matched your socks to your shirt and blew your hair dry.

When I became a functioning member of the work force, my re-wearing tendencies cooled slightly. I intuited that, for a public relations professional, wearing the same sweater every day for three weeks would be frowned-upon. I guess I backslid on the weekends, relying on the same rotation of shirts and jeans, but I knew enough to twist the Rubik’s cube of my limited wardrobe at least once before every outing.

Here’s the thing: Now that I’m staying at home with the boy-o, the re-wearing censor is dead. Every day – unless they’re in the wash – I wear Lululemon yoga pants, a white J. Crew “perfect fit” tee shirt, and a Beyond Yoga wrap that my sister Anne gave me. Every day. I go to the Lexington Co-op in them. I show up at the library in them. I take Baby to Itsy Bitsy yoga at East Meets West in them. (Here, you might say, “Well, there you’re appropriately dressed, at least.” Not really. It’s yoga for the babies. The parents could wear snowsuits and still not break a sweat.) I even have multiples of one particular Bravado nursing bra that I rotate according to the laundry cycle. The only things that vary are my socks, and if I could find a perfect pair, I’d probably buy seven pairs and add them to my repertoire.

I’d been told that this could happen: That, once you stay home with a child, you rely more and more on what used to be work-out apparel. That you “try less” because your audience is usually limited to one small, fashion-indiscriminate person. And I suppose I knew that, with my history, I might find myself going back to the same comfortable clothes day in and day out. But what I didn’t expect was the total lack of self-consciousness I have about my uniform. Seriously, who cares? Does the cashier at Wegman’s mind that the last time I pushed my cart through the aisles I was wearing the same thing? Nope. Does the hipster chick who hollers out the orders at Spot Coffee even notice that the lady who ordered a decaf Americano had the same thing on yesterday? Uh-uh.

Because you know what they notice? The sweet-faced little blue-eyed baby with the long, long lashes who’s strapped on to the front of me. At 33 years of age, I have found the ultimate diversion from my re-wearing habit. Even my siblings, who can usually be counted on to taunt me for my fashion don’ts are oblivious, as long as I have my sonny boy in tow. It’s so liberating! So freeing! My fear that I’m being lazy with my appearance has evaporated. Poof! And just this one beautiful child is bound to buy me, oh, five years of yoga panted bliss. All I have to do now is figure out how long I have until this yoga wrap wears out and then make sure that I always have an infant until then.

Now that’s what I call family planning.


  1. Meg: I'm sitting here in front of my computer while my little guy naps, becoming a follower of your blog less than 10 minutes after you alerted me to it, in the same sweatshirt & jeans I've been wearing for the past 4 days. Clearly, I am a huge fan already.

  2. Meg, I'm just cracking up. It's like we're sitting in Crossroads and you are telling me this story.

    Also, I have an almost IDENTICAL picture to that one of you and's me, Meghan Gallagher, and Anne Theriault wearing matching overalls on Manresa.

    I hope you post more than twice.

  3. 1. Post more than twice.
    2. Don't notice that I am wearing the same pony tail, jeans, tshirt and jeans as yesterday. I did manage a new thong. So there's hope there at least.

  4. I love that you are writing a blog! Now that you mention it, I do remember you wearing overalls a lot. You were so cute in them, but honestly, you'd look gorgeous wearing a burlap sack. I am so happy for you that you have a beautiful baby boy, and I am also glad you are in Buffalo; we'll have to get together some time. There are quite a few HC grads here and I am thinking of trying to organize a little get together, maybe over the summer.

  5. Love it, Meg! BTW, I think you must live right near my brother Kevin!! He can walk to the Co-op, lives a block from the coffee shop... right by Nardin. I haven't lived in Buffalo in over 10 years, but I still know your landmarks!
    Keep writing!


  6. Thanks, all you nice friends of mine! I have to admit, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that so many other people had overall addictions. (But don't worry -- I'm not tempted to go back to them.)

  7. ok, it must be said, that your current "mommy uniform" is of the trendy, mommy of the year variety. It would be more mommyrific if you tell me that you are wearing sweatpants and t-shirts from target. Sadly, in lululemon and other fancy yoga wear, you are still running with the cool. Not that i would expect anything less of megeroo. xxx T

  8. I hated wearing a uniform during my catholic school days and thought I'd never be a proponent of one. However, in the morning when I am trying to decide what to wear to work I often long for the ease of one option. Would I opt for a maroon and grey plaid jumper over a blouse with a peter pan collar, maroon knee socks, and saddle shoes? No way, Jose! (I mean, really. Who thought that was a good idea?) But if the uniform were of my own choosing, I could totally get on board. Makes sense to me, Meg!

  9. I think I should have been asked before the picture of me in a suit appeared on your blog. And I have a two piece with tortoise shell that I might never wear in public again, and I'm still depressed about it. In fact, I might go put it on now.....