Thursday, May 12, 2011

Coincidence or Karma?

As a general rule, Catholics don’t believe in reincarnation.  Recently, however, something happened that shook me to the core and sent me running to Google to do some serious research on Hinduism.  What, you ask, was so momentous?  Take a gander at this:


For those of you who were not raised on pre-1960 movie musicals, the implications of this video may not be obvious.  But for anyone who ever saw Yankee Doodle Dandy or The Seven Little Foys, the parallel will be glaring.  Feast your eyes on the first 45 seconds of this little gem:


Theological arguments notwithstanding, I think we can all agree that there may be a chance that my son Charlie is the reincarnation of James Cagney! A formal observation period commences now, during which I will take special note of any tendencies toward playing gangster roles in black and white movies. A report of my findings will be forthcoming, though depending on my conclusions, it may not be completed in this lifetime.


  1. I really think you are on to something there...

  2. All I could think of was how they were going to scuff the French polish on the table. Charlie has got some great moves though!

  3. I'm envisioning a dance scholarship at Holy Cross that requires the recipient to do a nightly tap number from one end of Kimball to the other ...

  4. Charlie's got the fancy footwork down, and an adorable face to boot! There's definitely some showbiz in that boy, for sure.